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ppp and tar and

From: cog

>I havn't heard of wvdiald. Is it just another version of diald?

I believe so, in Freshmeat search.

>I read a good ppp config help file, I'll see if I've got the URL. Yep
>found it. (found quite a few in my library, actually) Try:

I will, thanks.

>http://axion.physics.ubc.ca/ppp-linux.html (cool ppp config guide.)
>Try the last link first, as it's the one I had success with.

I have not, though probably my fault as I skip from one thing to another.

>You mean a GUI frount end for it? (tar)

Yes, anything to make it simple, maybe it is too simple and I make the

>But then I've got _Linux in a Nutshell_ in front of

I have it too, I should refer it more often. I read so darn much nothing
sinks in.

>I know, there just aren't enough hours in the day to do all you want to
>on your computer, a whole new operating system to learn, new programs
>options to learn, and with windows, at least you got a break everytime
>crashed (about once every 3 hrs on my box!), but with Linux, you can go
>for weeks (months?) without that happening!

My time is spent trying to get Windoze up again. Did an odd thing again
today and had to take time to reset a few things. Reboot twice to do it,

One of these days . . .