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Re: About satandrads and politics

From: cog

>Doh! typo. I ment to write:

Would not give me access. It is altoplanos, I see we are both not command
line ready.

>I'd stay away from Windows 2000, if MS can't keep it up longer than a
>what hope does the rest of the world have?

I am not going to shell out another penny to MS. I am gonna be making CD
coasters with 98 and 95, they will displayed with many drops of liquid on
their surface, dried of course.

>Office 2000? I guess, it'll be even more bloated than Office97. I read a
>good quote in this weeks _Computer Weekly_:
>"Whatever anyone says about bloatware, nobody needs a 600MHz Pentium
>128Mbytes of memory and a dedicated 3-D graphics card to run Microsoft
>Word." :)

I know magazines are more or less going with the trend, consumers by MS
so they have to follow. I casually watch to see if any actually buck or
balk at MS programs, not much. Sheep led to the slaughter!