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Re: OpenLinux Lizard install and Novell NKFS Linux driver Open Sourced September 3rd

>    Hmmm...  Do we want to wait and release Inde on September 4th?
> :-)  Or at least wait to release the gold iso at that point?  It would give
> us time to integrate Lizard, and have better docs for a frozen
> distribution...  Freeze the software on the 15th, for example, and let a lot
> of people update the AutoDocs with me?
> http://www.calderasystems.com/news/1999/19990809lizard.html
>             Lee

It is too late for using it in this version of Indy. For the third
version I think in an evolution and a release date close to second
version rather than a revolutionnary change.

But I would love to have Lizard in Indy, once Caldera fixes a couple
bugs on it.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses