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Re: Trial of new Indy version

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Jean wrote:
> I have now a CD recorder so I was able to test next Insy from CD.  A
> thing I noticed to my expenses is that the install uses an entirely
> different image in case it is using CD or hard disk so while the disk
> install mostly works, the CD install was completely broken.  One
> important difference is that the disk install bases on what is on disk
> while the CD instal bases on the contents of the hdlist file under
> Indy/base and that one was the original from RedHat 6 ie it didn't
> reflect all the upgrades applied in Indy.
> The good news is I now know what I did wrong and how to fix it.
I just did a hard disk install of Indy-6.0-0.2 Sat, Aug 21. I am using
it now. I just got most everything configured. So the hard disk install
*mostly* works? I take that to mean that some of the things in the
hard disk install are broken. I did notice some things that I think need
some adjusting. The install I got has more of a Red Hat 6.0'ish feel to
it, not so Indy'ish.

I think I'll try to work on the ppp configure area. One thing that
definitly needs done is explaining what to do after configuring it. You
configure ppp and then what dose the user do to use it?

Also, dose the Homestation install have to install LILO and overwrite
the MBR on the first drive without informing the user? The custom
install does the same thing, I don't remember (?) it doing that in the
RH 6.0 install. Also, is KDE not included in the Homestation install?
I had to re-install to get KDE, trying to upgrade wouldn't do it.


R.G. Mayhue

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