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Re: Open Source Knowledge Base (Linux Knowledge Base revisited)

Donovan wrote:
>> Something fairly specific is needed. To get something that will be
>> to a newbie, you will need to be prepared to make several assumptions
( eg
>> that they have KDE installed, that they have RPM, or whatever )

A priority list?

R. G. wrote
>We need to write about what's in Indy. We know what's in the distro and
>we know what the newbie will need to know to learn about Indy. We also
>need to stand out as the leading distro who has good documentation
>pertaining to *our* release. Everyone else will follow us. This will
>help set Indy apart from the rest. We need Independence help. This my
>seem a little far out, but *maybe* even a better, well thought out
>format developed by Project Independence, unique to Indy. Like what RPM
>is to Red Hat. Any ideas?
>R.G. Mayhue

Installing, partitioning, GUI configuration (recommend a particular
one-KDE?), preparing to connect to ISP, applications that will help you
do it and I have run out of steam.