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I have tried GAG and I ma not convinced by it: it allows choosing
systems but it does not allow to overcome the shortcomings of LILO:
aftaer all it limits itself tgo calling it.

I am closing the app list and I will sync tomorrow.  It is urgent I
implement the X accelearation trick in order we being able to test it
on a variety of hardware.

I finally got an MMX game to work: it is ClanBomber and works great.
I wanted to do have another MMX game representing SDL but I am unable
to find a game where the author tells what version of SDL you have to
use: I got tired of getting linking errors.  By The way SDL is the
library used in Civilization CTP.

I am building a new kernel: 2.2.11.

Finally the text I sumitted yesteraday is only my wording ie feel free
to reword it.  Perhaps I have been too agresssive towards the other
distriubs but what I would really like is the text expressing that
Indy wants to be the people's distributor ie one who listens users and
made by users.  Given that unfortunately Indy is led by a malevolent
dictator (me) this can seem paradoixical.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses