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indy-compiled.tar.gz avaliable


I've just finished hacking a beta copy of the script to create compiled
version of the indy site.

The tarball can be found at:

and the script (if you want to have a look at it) can be found at:

The executable is in /home/cog/bin/compile-indy-web if someone wants to
add it to cran's cron. I would but I don't know how, and since it's nearly
3am I'm not interested in learning before I get some sleep.

Would there be any problems with making it executable in my public_html?
This would enable anyone to run the command and take an upto date tarball
of the site.

I can think of the obvious potential for DoS attacks, but apart from that.

FYI: The script works by copying the files to a tmp directory, finding
all .shtml files, getting apache and lynx to process them, and saves them
as .html files. And then tarballs the directories.

There are two directories in the tarball:
	this is the directory with the compiled web site in
	This is where the *.shtml files get moved to. I've included them
because I thought it might be useful to some developers to have access to 
them without having to dl the other tarball.

Would it be worth creating *.zip files for people on other platforms, or
is *.tar.gz compatiable with WinZip? 

Let me know what you think. Replies will probably be saved 'til the
morning, tho.

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