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Immediate road map

For Indy 6.1 I want the following prerequisites:

-It will use the 6.0 installer.
- We _need_ Indialer

-I will add powertweak and cobra: speed is essentail for games.

-We have MMX enhanced game libraries (SDL) and Clanlib but no games
 using them.  We need a couple of them: Pingus and ClanBomber?  What
 about Sabre?

-I am thinking of replacing maxwell by Ted (word processor).

-I am thinking of replacing peruser by pan and tkrat by mahoganny (the
 later if I get it to compile)

-Smpeg: sorry but with the utilities for viewing movies under Linux we
would make Windows people laugh.

-Put the contents of the web server at readiness status once and for

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses