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Re: Security

On Sat, 04 Dec 1999, David Webster wrote:
> I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of liberators, on all but one point:
> > IMO this should be a standard in a 'user friendly' distribution and I am
> User friendly should mean friendly to ALL users, (newbies through
> hackers), and therefore should hide what it's doing so as to not confuse
> the newbies, but so that the wannabie hackers can see what is going on,
> exactly what the liberator is doing, and learn from it.
> Perhaps in the form of a log file?
Agreed. Indyaler will create a log file of activities for trouble
shooting purposes, but wannabie hackers will need to read the supplied
documentation like README files etc. where the programs actions will be
described in detail. I have no problem with wannabie hackers wanting to
understand what a liberator is doing. In fact I will probably supply
more information then necessary just for that very reason. I believe
that's how the programs I write will be improved. Improved through
interaction. I would have no problem with someone looking at the source
and saying "Did you know there is a better way to do this or that?" 

I guess I've been a wannabie hacker all of my life David. Sort of like
a jack of all trades, master of none! But I'm learning every day, and
that's what makes it fun. I think? 8-))

(On another note off the topic.)

I went to the local bookstore down the street yesterday. They were
having a big clearance sale and I was entertaining the possibility of
picking up some programming books at a good price. So I walked over to
the section where they keep the computer books and what did I find but
a whole section of books on Linux! This is the same bookstore that a
month or two ago had maybe five books on Linux stuffed in a little
corner under all of the Windows related books! And better yet was that
people were buying them! I can't wait until my next trip to the
bookstore. Who knows what I'll find!

Just like the activity on this list lately. Things are finally moving.
Indy is moving forward again!


R.G. Mayhue