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Re: CUPS' Niche (was: Re: Jetadmin)

> I tried it this afternoon for a few minutes.  Its SMB printing is not
> very good because there is no way to give the WORKGROUP you have to
> connect.  It happens that our NT printer servers _require_ that you be
> in authenetification group to let you print so I couldn't print with
> cups while I can print with lpd.  Also it uses ghostscript 4.

I've tried cups and IMO it's a whole lot nicer than the braindamaged BSD
print system that ships with linux.

It appears to have native support for PCL, which partly offsets the lack
of Ghostscript 5 support. 

It'd be nice to at least ship it ( or something else ) as an alternative
to the BSD system. Perhaps we could put it in additionals.