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Re: Broken xinit

> > 
> > The special xinit in the distribution/differential directories was
> > broken: it didn't provide a dependency.
> > 
> > It is now correct.
> * I can't find it. Does the web site have it yet?

I cannot maintain the web site.  We need some form of automatic
updating of the pages leading to software.  Perhaps ask the guy of 
rufus.w3.org about how he is doing it.

It is in ftp://cran.mit.edu/pub/independence/differentials

> * Also, Red Hat has some newer errata, XFree86, etc.
> Can we just substitute these for what is in the Indy RPMS directory?
> Or should we wait for them to be "ported" to Indy?

No.  No need to "port" but the Xconfigurator shipped in RedHat 5.2
core dumps with 3.3.3 and probably also with  I put a newer
release in the distrib who is supposed to work with 3.3.3 but don't
know how it fares with

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses