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Progress and problems

The install went along happily and I loaded floppy images to cran.

Problem is that I was unable to fix the hdlist file.  I cannot do it
at home because due to lack of bandwidth I am still using XFree 3.3.2.

I cannot use mine because because cran is still using libc.  If I use a
genhdlist from the 4.2 install then it will not like something in the
new rpm format.  If I try to compile genhdlist on cran it will not
work due to the old rpm libraries not supporting internationalization.

It is necessary that someone mirrorring the distrib and using glibc
runs periodically genhdlist and uploads the hdlist file to the distrib.

Another problem is that some packages in the distrib are pretty old
and need old versions of libraries who since then have been upgraded
so there are dependencies problems.  Here is the list:


I will rebuild them.
Finally both maxwell and kdelibs have install scripts who work when
installing them individually but don't work during a distrib install
because in that case the root partition of the distrib is mounted
under /mnt and that breaks paths.

Final note: I loaded a fixed comps file and I also added the
Independence-release package who was in differentials but not in the
distrib proper

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses