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Re: Progress and problems

On 4 Feb 1999 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> > I hope to sync with the rest that was uploaded today
> > and try another install tonight.
> You will avoid your self some hassles if you wait until this night
> (Paris time).  I will then be able to generate an hdlist on cran.

I synced, took a nap, then checked my INBOX again,
in case there might be anything new I should know
before trying the install.

Sure enough, your message about hdlist and recompiling was there.

I checked the Indy site, saw the file dates hadn't changed yet
to reflect any updates of hdlist, so I figured I'ld just wait another day
for that to happen. So I watched the History channel, read up on the
KDE background documents from their site, then went back to bed.

But, thanks for keeping us informed. Your status reports are as important
as real progress.