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[owner-independence-l@seul.org: BOUNCE independence-l@independence.seul.org: Non-member submission from [Alex Funk <sales@FloydArt.com>]]

I forward this message.  I recall to readers that Indy's list bounces 
messages submitted by non-members due to problems we had with spammers.

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> > On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> >
> > When Indy is finalised, should we find people who are willing to burn the
> > iso onto a CD and mail it out? If we do this, we could have links on the
> > website for people who are able to burn/ship CDs to certain areas. I've
> > now got a CD burner, so I'd be willing to burn and ship some. We would
> > have to be careful about payment and the like, tho.

How about turning a master of 1.0 over to 
http://www.CheapBytes.com?  They distribute thousands of Linux CDs, as
you can see from their prices!  They can take care of all the production
and distribution hassles, and the installed base of Indy would become
very large very rapidly.
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		Jean François Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the masses