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Re: Organizing for 6.2

Jonathan Veit wrote:

> > Just found another reason to dislike windows. (as if you need another
> > reason ;). You can only download files that can fit on the system drive.
> > Even if you tell it to save it to your large second HDD, it won't put it
> > there until after it's finished downloading. So I've now mounted the drive
> > with smb and am using wget. Burning should still happen tonight.
> I thought only IE did that, If you use a regular ftp program it should
> download ok.... doesn't matter your probably close to finish downloading
> already.
>                                                             ~Jon

How bout telling windows to use your Second Large HDD as the Swap file .....
Dunno if this'll work cos I don't use IE at all.
But maybe worth a try