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Re: About democracy was Re: Organizing for 6.2

It doesnt need to install from windows. If the CD is bootable that is surely the
simplest thing there could be! Instructions: turn computer off, put cd in cd rom
drive, turn computer on. So provided the install program looks like what windows
users are used to seeing (ie nice GUI), and not like DOS, then that's all that's
required. Or am I missing something?

Of course, once you have been using Linux for a while you begin slowly (over a
period of months in my case) to appreciate when being in console mode is
preferable to being in X. But people from a Windows background simply dont see
it that way. The quality of the GUI during the install is important. Thats not
just the "look", but also the on-screen instructions, overall intuitiveness, and
on-line help available from within the install.

One of the most off-putting things about doing an RH custom install are the
paltry descriptions given to the RPMs (from a newbies perspective) - if you know
what DHCP is and what its for, you'll know whether you need it. If you dont know
what it's for, and you are confronted with a choice as to whether to install it,
you will be stuck if all you get is an expansion of the acronym.

Good luck to you all!

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