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Re: Postfix

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> I have been trying it and it is far easier rto configure easier than
> sendmail.  It would be ideal if we could have a graphic front end for
> it.  If someone wants to take the job (NOT for indy 6.2).
I will see what I can do. Since that buys some time anyway. I have been
in a constant search for additional programmers for Indy. I still don't
think I have managed to attract any yet, but I will keep trying. We
really need someone with a higher Linux programming skill level then I
currently possess. But I will manage to learn all I need -- problem is
-- time:-P

Is there any other C/C++ (or other) programmers on the list??? Even if
you only know a little -- we could really use the help!

R.G. Mayhue