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Re: Postfix

On Sat, 19 Feb 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> > 
> > I program C/C++, I'm teaching myself MFC right now, so I got a pretty good
> > handle on the language.  I've looked at Qt before too, however I've never
> > really programmed linux seriously and I am some what limit in experience,
> > I'm 15 and been programming C/C++ since I was 12.  I've never really been on
> > a group project either. I don't know how much I can help but I might as well
> > tell you.  However if i were going to help design frontend interfaces I'd be
> > happy to except you would really have to pick a specific toolkit so I can
> > apply myself to it.
> > 
> A configurator does not need speed so if I were you I would use
> instead a scripting language like Python or Perl (Python best because
> install uses it and Python is easier) but this is your choice.
True, but it is faster to write something in a language you are already
very familiar with. I am currently learning Python, but I would still
choose C to write a program I would feel comfortable with letting others
use. But this probably comes from not having any GOOD scripting
languages available natively under Windows. It is almost always better
to write a compiled program there.
> A user who ends the install with non operational X can ask for help
> with a text-based mailer connection to the ISP so the Postfix
> configurator does not need a text based interface (you can provide it
> if you want but it is not a requirement).  Its real public is those
> people who feel they could make a better job with a mail server than
> with a mail client for instance because more than one persdon has a
> mail account.  Those people have a working Linux and X.
> About the toolkit I recommend Gtk because it will be still available
> whatever choice the user picks between Gnome and KDE.
Gtk sounds like a good toolkit for the job and it has many good
programming interfaces.

Since there is time to fiddle with it, would you like to try your hand
at a front end for Postfix Jon?? It could be a great first Linux project
for you.

R.G. Mayhue