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[genec@mgfairfax.rr.com: installer suggestion]

I forward the following to the list.  This is an idea I have been
considering: the CD has two directorizes who are not strictly needed
doc (HTML files for reading from DOS before beginning) and misc
(installer sources) between them we would gain 40 megs.  It still
could not be enough so a quick and dirty fix would be to place all the
international HOWTO RPMS on the second disk and have anaconda ask the
user at first boot if he wants the one corresponding to his national
languuage.  National HOWTO's amount to some 62 megs.

Total 100 megs. 

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I am sending this to the devel-list as a "request for comment" on a suggestion
for an enhanced redhat installer.  While I believe that this sounds like a good
idea, it could increase complexity to many people to a degree which make it too

1.  The RedHat binary distribution cdrom is becoming very full (although the
source cdrom still has some room).  Since I do not see DVD as a viable solution
in the near term, I believe that the binary cdrom should be split into two -- a
basic install and a post-install (after reboot) input.

2.  The anaconda package is now being distributed as part of the
RedHat distribution for post-install (first boot) reconfigurtion -- enhance
this to continue installation of additional packages -- especially large ones
such as howto and other large documentation packages.

3. anaconda could be extended to include such things as sound configuration as
part of the install process.

pro/con comments welcome.


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			Jean Francois Martinez

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