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Re: Installtion and CVS

On Mon, Feb 28, 2000 at 11:18:12PM +0100, JF Martinez wrote:
> I promised to put the isntallation on CVS, however there are security
> problems with this given that normal CVS transmits unencrypted
> password so I fear we will have to content ourselves with something
> more centralized ie periodic releases with people sending me patches.

You have two options. First of all, you can do the old way of setting up a
cvs repository: go into /home/indy/ on cran, and do a cvs init. Then
you can set your CVSROOT to :ext:foo@cvs.seul.org:/home/indy/... and
your CVS_RSH to ssh, and work from there. All of that should be detailed in
the cvs/ssh howto off our www.seul.org/dev/ page. This has full
authentication and full encryption.

The better approach is to put your tarball in your /home/indy/ directory
on cran, and then send Ales mail (ahvezda@seul.org) telling him about it.
From there, he will enter your code as the distrib/indy module in our
pserver cvs repository. From there, people will be able to do anonymous
checkouts, and you can add new people easily (with the first option, each
new person needs an account on cran -- which we can do, but might be
overkill). Along with your source tarball, he will want a list of people
who should be able to do writes to the repository: for each person, he needs
a username and a crypted password. It is true that this approach doesn't
have much authorization (and no encryption), but the risk we're taking is
pretty small since these aren't "real" accounts.

Hope this helps,