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Re: Installation and CVS

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> I will put the base install for anonymous FTP tomorrow.  The 0.0.0
> will be RedHat install with messages mentionning Redhat having been
> edited: this is an RH requirement.
Speaking of messages mentioning RH. We need the Indy logo for replacement
of the RH logos for the installer splash screens etc.

Stefan, have you given up? Your our man with the only good attempt at a
better logo (ie: stylized logo?). The work on the site where the logo is
located suggest that you have a talent in that area.

Please don't give up! We could use a talent like yours right now.

If you could, try and come up with several differant versions and we will
choose one or more.

What do you think Stefan?

R.G. Mayhue