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LILO, XDM and what a pity.

I was under the impression (perhaps from the RH5.1 install, not sure)
that the lilo.conf you get at end of install was built by linuxconf.
And that for getting the lilo.conf built in a such way for lilo
displaying a message file you had to hack at linuxconf.

In fact it is a one line change in a file from the install proper.
This way it is possible to inform the user about how to boot at a
different level than default.  Had I known that before I would have
made XDM the default boot because the user would be to get out of
trouble in case X doesn't work.  Pity.

Nevertheless I will issue a fixed lilo and a newer install who will
build a lilo.conf with messages.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses