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Re: hc-cron

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> hc-cron is able to work transaparenly both if the box is powered on,
> twenty four hours a day or boxes who are powered off at night.
> I have tested it and it seems to work.  But cron is a somewhat
> dangerous utilisty because bugs in it can translate in sezcurity
> risks.
> There is no time to hack the distrib for handling conflicting
> packages.
> So we have two optiions:
> -Let hc-cron where it is (in the additionals directory) and let the
>  home users to install it by hand (rpm -U hc-cron) after finishing the
>  installation of the distrib
> -Put hc-cron in the distrib and vixie-cron (the classic one) in
> additionals and warn people with boxes powered up 24 hours a day that
> they would be well advised after install to remove hc-cron and install
> the better tested vixie-cron.
> Opinions?

The latter option.  People with 24/7 uptimes are generally the more 
experienced users.