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Re: diff between RedHat and us

JF Martinez wrote:
> Unix utilities make them unadequate, they don't even think that
> somewhere in the world there are people who are home users and that
> they need more attention paid to dial up networking or software for
> managing a check book, they don't even think that Linux could be a
> workstation for office applications instead of Windows, they don't

Don't really agree with all that. Look at the GNOME office suite, the
dialup configuration utilities (to be honestly I didn't use them, but
they are there), etc. I actually use my Lin at home, I just happen to
have a little network there (3 compu's share a modem).

> For a concrete example Indy preconfigures Samba for it using Linpopup
> when the user gets a message from an NT (or Samba) server telling that
> the printing job is finished: for RedHat people Linux can only be a
> server so this is not needed, 

Not true. My Samba so-fast-setup printer is actually served by Windows.

> > endless. If you are afraid that you would KEEP answering this question,
> > then add it to the FAQ.
> Pity I am barely able to cope.  What about someone alse adding this to
> the FAQ?  (after giving it a more diplomatic tone of course)

I will put any text in the FAQ that you think suitable. But I'm afraid
you'll have to do that text yourself; as you see I am not very capable
of spitting good arguments now.

Anyway I'll try the diffs stuff.

I understand (from logging in) that cranleigh did some Y2K backup work
or whatever. Anyway apache needs to be reconfigured so that our website
headers and footers are shown as normally again. It is too early for
alarm yet, but it would be nice to have that fixed within a few days.