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I'm back.

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Well I'm back. I was away longer than I expected because my theatre work
ran into me being ill, which then ran into me going away for christmas,
but I'm now feeling better and I'm at home. :)

Website updates: 
	* I've updated the /security/ area on the web site
	  (although the SSIs aren't working).

	* I've put the rpms for the security archive on the web server,
	  because I don't have write perms to any area but the incoming
	  directory on the ftp site. Could someone with the right perms
	  please create an area I can place the rpms in, as the redhat ftp
	  site is overloaded, slow and etc.

	* I've added a links page with links to other security resources.

The compiled indy tarball has been removed from my public_html, as there
is not enough disk space to update it (or my script makes really bad use
of the avaliable space).

There have been no security reports issued by RedHat (well, none that 
I've recieved, anyway) since I last issued a PISA, but I will check my
bugtraq archives for anything of relevence.

I've been doing a bit of writting for Attrition.org's newbie area, where
they have a series of guides on how to use Unix, would it be worth
including a link to the newbie area from somewhere on the indy web site? A
link would enable newbies to learn some more about the system they just
installed. Have a look at: http://www.attrition.org/security/newbie/unix/

Hope you all had a merry christmas and a happy rollover.

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