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Re: diff between RedHat and us

JF Martinez wrote:
[All snipped!]

Yes. With this I can certainly agree. It is good to know that Indy is
not only a castle in the sky, but also very practical.

I am also very glad that you see the problems that most geeks directly
overlook. I have figured out that almost no Linux user actually KNOWS
what user-friendliness is. I have launched a little user-friendliness
project myself, just to figure out what reactions I get. Here's for a

I: "Linux should be more user-friendly"
Reaction: "Yeah, so we should replace bash with command.com and
/dev/hda1 with c: ?"

So DOS=user-friendly? Ridiculous. There is some kind if "Rage Against
The Dummy" going on within the Linux community, and it really marks the
simple user as the enemy. I've got a lot more to say on that, but this
is not exactly the right place or time. But it has reminded me that I
WILL have to fight for my rights as a simple end user.

Concerning Independence: J-F, you have shown yourself as one of the
visionairs of this project in last mail. Please share those visions
through you publications, too.



P.S.: I disabled word-wrapping for sending messages because it always
results in rubbish and I try if I can live without. If you experience
spaghetti-mail, please enable "wrap incoming messages" :-)