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Re: Lame (linux administration made easy)

A quick browse, a quick reaction.

The document is full of more-or-less hardcore solutions; shell commands
and config-file editing. I think we don't expect our users to be able to
do all kind of config files, si instead our ideal manual should describe
merely how to use setup-utilities.

Point of discussion is: how much shell experience do we expect from our
users? What we want, off course, is a seamless desktop, but how about
troubleshooting situations?

And then, do they also need to know how to mount without mounttool, add
users without linuxconf etc.? If yes, how will we teach them those
things? Will they first learn how to use the GUI utilities, and then
also learn about the shell commands, or the other way around?

Depending on how these questions are answered, we will not be able to
use generic documentation at all, because all docs I know only talk
about the "good ol' UNIX way" of system maintenance: shell-commands and