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Re: [Seul] Does Seul need any help... (fwd)

> > (For those who aren't up to date, Mandrake will behave pretty much
> > like Redhat 6.x except it'll have a couple more programs installed
> > and maybe a spiffier default gui setup. I haven't looked at it
> > recently, ymmv, our rpm's will work on it.)
> We will demo our version 7.0 that include a graphical installation.
> Our setup is pretty good and the hardware detection is performant.
> You can have more detail at http://www.linux-mandrake.com/en/.

Their hardware detection does NOTHING.  It is just a nice Gnome front
end to the output of lspci and isapnp.  Of course this has its merits
because it puts all together under the user's nose and it uses a
database for translating PNP signatures into card models.  The
database is woefully incomplete and their tool is unable to identify a
Sound Blaster Awe 64.  I would have forgiven problems with an obscure
taiwanese clone but when you are unable to identify one of the most
common sound cards you refrain to use the word performant.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses