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Re: squeak is enthousiast

> Hi,
> When I announced to squeak-annc that Squeak would be part of Indy, the
> Squeak people reacted surprisingly enthousiast. They all offer to
> maintain the package and to keep it up-to-date.
> Because Squeak releases are made often, and because it is always nicer
> to have a package maintainer than not to have one, I think that this is
> an opportunity for both of us. 
> Let me know if you agree with this view, so that I can give them a "go"
> or "no-go" on this.

Go, go, go.  I have built an RPM but I am not very happy about it: it
needs not include tutorails or examples additional to what is in the
basic image, also it needs squek be started from the commnd line
because I didn't found a clean system for detecting if the user has
never used squeak (then we use the orginal image) or already has used
it and then we would like him using the last saved image.

Solution would be if the user has never used squek to copy the
original image to the home directory and then start squeak with this
image.   We would use a shell wrapper for the trick.

If we solve this problem it would be possible to include squek into
Indy's X menus.

Both tasks, providing a squeak with tutorials and solving the menu
problem would be left  to be solved by the squeak maintainer.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses