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Re: freefonts updated

> > RedHat doesn't support that, and the Indy xfs doesn't change things
> > to this. Still, this is where the FreeFonts are. So what should I do?

> The freefonts pretty much take care of themselves. You just need to add
> them to your fontpath

> xset fp+ /usr/share/fonts/freefonts
> xset fp rehash

> put the above two lines in your xinitrc so that it works automatically.

If you look at the Indy xinitrc RPM you will notice that when X is
started it scans
/etc/X11/fonts (from memory) and excutes the files there.  That is if
you place
a shell script there containing the two xset commands you get automatic
font path
updating when the user adds or remove the fonts package (provided X is
restarted of course)

		Jean François Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the masses