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Re: Font howto

> After getting tired of the fact that there was no decent resource on fonts
> for linux, I threw together a font howto
> http://pegasus.rutgers.edu/~elflord/font_howto/
> The main advantage this has over other information sites is that it is
> fairly comprehensive -- I cover ghostscript, star office, applixware,
> latex, xfs, xfstt, and type1 installation.
> I've written it in linuxdoc and I am considering submitting it to the LDP
> but not just yet. In the meantime, I welcome comments.
> -- 
> Donovan

looks good. i can get lwn and linuxtoday to advertise this (as well as
probably linuxworld, and oswg would be happy to add it to their
collection) if i do it as a seul document.
(aww...you're using your panix.com address rather than your seul.org one? ;)
let me know if you want this to happen. i think the best course of action
is to put it into the oswg cvs, and then say "hey look, independence wrote
this document" on www.seul.org, lwn.net, linuxtoday.com, etc.