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Re: Broken motherboard

On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> My motherboard died Thursday night and it took me until now to diagnose
> the problem, buy another one and cahnge it.  That is why I was silent
> for the last days.
I know the feeling Jean. I just lost my hard drive with everything on it!
completely at a loss. I didn't have anything backed up because I was in the
process of building a new computer and had been using my backup for
moving data around and.....CRASH! Why NOW I thought? Any other time I
would have been safe. I got caught with my pants down8-((

But now I'm I the process of firing up a new PIII 533Mhz / 133Mhz FSB with
128M of PC133 SDRAM and a 20GB 7200RPM UDMA66 hard drive. I am
installing Indy on it right now. I mirrored the entire 6.1-0.8 directory
belegost on a 2GB partition. I plan to keep it up to date by updating any
changes daily....as well as nightly backup of my home directory!!!


R.G. Mayhue