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Re: Logo and Tutorial

> > Hello,
> > I have done a logo with the Gimp (of course). Well, I have done a
> picture,
> > but the logo is that thing with colors which looks like a flower or a
> start
> > in the upper left corner.
> > I am traslating to English an Spanish tutorial written for newbies which
> > could be very interesting for Independence. If somebody knows Spanish a
> help
> > would be welcomed. You can look for the tutorial in ghlis.hispalinux.es
>    I have done some work along those lines.  I stoped for a while when life
> piled on me, but am starting back up.  http://www.insync.net/~lee/AutoDocs/
>  I could not resolve your host name...  We may be able to pool resources. 
> First, I have to update to the changes in 6.0, and then...
> 			Lee

The spirit of Independence is threefold: for one part it is about
bringing freedom of software to the many but in another part it is
also us the common people, the ones who have been at the receiving end
of the Linux blows, taking charge of distribution design because year
after year the people making distributions provide us unadequate
_Unix_ solutions to our _Linux_ problems: in fact Indy is also a
rebellion against them.  Finally it also aims to express the idea that
Linux should not follow the steps of Unix: part of Linux use is in
contexts Unix was never used, part of Linux people learn in a way who
is entirely different from the way Unix people train and Linux has the
potential to reach people Unix never reached so Independence goal is
telling "there are many ways to use Linux, the traditional Unix way
being only one of them" and rebelling against the people who say
"there is only one way: be a good guy, drink cod liver oil, learn the
shell and VI"

That is why IMHO an Indy logo should not be an abstarct logo nor one
expressing world domination but express rebellion, masses marching
towards freedom and so on.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses