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About the goals of Indy

What is Indy?

Year after year our needs as Linux users have been ignored.  We were
learning alone and administering our boxes from minute one but we were
presented with solutions assuming the system administrator has years
of Unix experinece.  We were using Linux at home but distribution
people never cared about our specific networking needs thus letting us
unable to ask for help when we needed it unless we rebooted Windows.
People using Linux at work while part of their coworkers were using
Windows found they were supposed to be the master server not clients
on workstations or that DHCP handling was inadequate.  Distribution
people trat us as we were all hackers while see more and more
marketing people, musicians or litterature professors running Linux
that is people whose skill and needs are vastly different from the
traditional Unix user.  Obsolete programs still find thsir way in
distributions due to tradition or lobbying by a vocal minority of Unix
integrists while far better and easier programs remain in obscurity
and nearly unused.  All these problems have a common origin:
distribution people treat Linux as a traditional Unix without noticing
that its price allows its use for tasks and in contexts were Unix was
never used and by a different kind of people.

We are tired of this.  We think it is time we the Linux users take
charge and build our own distribution paying attention to _our_
problems and no longer accepting solutions coming from above or from
obsolete traditions.


Well that is the theory and the goal except that it is somewhat
abusive I tell "we". 

The preceeding was a part of the future announce and of the opening
text in the web site.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses