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Re: Faster Indy?

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999,  JF Martinez wrote:

> Problem is time and bandwidth.  Compiling with different flags than
> those used by RedHat means uploading 600 Megs and it happens my
> bandwidth is 10 megs/hour and isn't cheap.  I cannot do it myself.
I could possibly do it even though my bandwidth is about the same. But
my time is somewhat of the problem. It would take quite some time to
recompile everything and upload. I think on it.
> I don't like what Mandrake is doing now.  First of all they use
> hdparms for accelerating the HD.  Problem is that this is to play
> Russian roulette with the user's data.  It can be _very_ useful with
> some disks but there aren't parms syou are sure they will work on
> every disk and every motherboard under thge sun.  I corrupted a disk
> with it, ....
Once again I learn something. I had no idea. Your experience with Linux
and these matters is invaluable. Thanks Jean. 
>So hdparms is something you play with while using a single 
>filesystem on an expendable partition until you find the right parms 
>NOT something you use on a distribution. 
I agree.8-P
> Other problems I found: they are distributing true type fonts who
> cannot be distributed commercially, they include two mail agents
> despite the fact they dont't have resolved the problem of conflicting
> packages during install and one of those agents is postfix whose
> present license allows IBM to ask you to stop using it at IBM's entire
> discretion.
Learning again!
> Allowing such things in a distribution is IMHO grossly unethical.  Of
> course you are free to think my opinion is due to jealousy. :-)
Again, I agree.
> A better idea would be to include the MMX library in case there is one
> (anybody wants to look for it?).  It seems Sane could use it and this
> would accelerate considerably.  It would then be child's play to make
> a shell wrapper for choosing the MMX orr the noraml version.
I'll keep an eye out in my future travels.(-P
> About the people we need:
> -Someone for propaganda, for making noise, for putting together the
>  design notes I have been publishing from time to time.  This should
>  be more democratic but the work who has been put in Indy is not all
>  but mostly mine. :-) :-(
I have been making a little noise myself, but I don't want to "over do
it" and step on any toes or offend anyone on the project by having
them thinking that the new guy is acting like a BIG promoter and he
didn't even do anything. But I will help spread the word. Any official
release date on Indy 0.2?
And Jean,
I'm sure I'm speaking for many when I say that the work you have done
now, and in the future, is very much appreciated!! 
> -A person for managing the people who will come when 0.2 will be
>  announced.  Otherwise what will happen is: I will be too busy
>  answering them for doing real work and they will see a project who is
>  not moving.  This is will be bad for their morale so they will not
>  help and this will be bad for my morale because Indy is an
>  impossible mission for a single man.
I will help where I can.:-)

R.G. Mayhue

	The moral progression of a people can scarcely begin till they
	are independent.
						--James Martineau

	Go get your Independence Linux now!