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SpeedTouch (and other USB based ADSL modems) support

The Speedtouch USB modems for ADSL is becoming popular in France
since it is sold at half price of a conventional ethernet-based ADSL 
modem and you don't need to open the case and add an ethernet card
 but I have looked at how to make it work
under Linux and it is quite simply a nightmare.  I am thinking
in doing the work in snapshot 2 or 3 but I would like to know how
many people use ADSL on USB modems (Speedtouchs better, but
the toughest problems are not related to driver proper so any work
will be useful for other ADSL modems over USB).

There is also the point I have a conventional (ethernet based) ADSL
modem so I need someone to test my work.


		Jean Francois Martinez

The Independence project: because Linux should be for everyone