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Re: ADSL in the UK

Douglas Carnall a écrit :
>  Jean Francois Martinez wrote:
> >>> I would like to know how many people use ADSL on USB modems
> >>
> >> In the UK, nearly all home DSL users must be using the Speedtouch,
> >> according to information at www.adslguide.org.uk. I would probably be
> >> using it if it were easy to use with Linux. Not only is installation
> >> cheaper, but it's the only option for inexpensive DSL connections in
> >> the UK.
> >>
> >> The cheapest USB connection:      34.03/month + tax
> >> The cheapest ethernet connection: 90.00/month + tax
> I'm subscribed to Homechoice (http://www.homechoice.co.uk). They offer ADSL
> for 20 ukp/month, connecting an Alcatel modem to your PC's serial port. The
> service is mainly focussed on TV down the wire (pay per view films etc), and
> they limit your bandwidth to 115kbits/sec, but it's always on, and its
> cheap. It works fine with Linux: there is a good unoffical faq:
> http://www.maxuk.net/hc/faq.html

Speed is limited by the serial interface since it cannot go faster
than 115Kbps.  USB and ethernet based modems go more than four
times faster (500kbps for the cheapest service)

		Jean Francois Martinez

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