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What is going on in snapshot 2

Snapshot 2 main difference over snapshot 1 will be a massive
upgrade of some important components:
-Gnome 1.4
-XFree 4.1
-kernel 2.4.5 with XFS support
-Newer Mozila.  This newer mozilla is leagues ahead of old mozilla
but I am still unimpressed.  However its rendering engine is used by
Galeon and this one has impressed me: at last Linux has a web browser
who can compete with Explorer.

Other important features:
-It will be the first distro to provide everything needed for
the popular SpeedTouch modems (except Alcatel's proprietary
tool) who happen to be a nightmare with other distributions
(it requires gobs of patches and tools each one on a different
place of the Internet)
-The first distro to provide a Gimp with color management (and
a small set of color profiles)
-Still improved printing.

Plus of course the full array of security fixes and bug fixes.

Still not built:
-Galeon (see above)
-Broadcast2000: Movies creation and watching
-Rute (very good Linux manual)
-the top sound software I want to add to Indy.

		Why those features?

Indy's philosophy is tring to change the preception of Linux as
just a server.  That is why I try hard for Indy having color
management and the best printing possible: I want people think
in Linux for graphics.
Another of Indy's ideas is try to solve practical problems instead
of building a cathedral.  One of those practical problems is
Internet access: ADSL is with cable modems ther cheapest and fastest
Internet access a private user can get.  But in several countries 
Linux people had to choose between going on a quest harder than Holy
Grail's or using the much more expensive Ethernet
based ADSL modems.  I could not let this unsolved

		Jean Francois Martinez

The Independence project: because Linux should be for everyone