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Need of a volunteer for SpeedTouch Howto in Indy

I have had the opporrtunity to test SpeedTouch support in Indy.
It works, at least in France.  But setting it up is very
different from the standard SpeeedTouch Howto because 
a) it is much simpler
b) the Howto has serious lacks

In Indy it boils down to:

1) use the /etc/ppp/options given in the HOWTO (but you need
to fill a parm not mentionned in teh HOWTO: the VPI.VCI from
your provider.  There are sevral ways to get it a) through 
Windows or b) through a resource I found thanks to google

2) load the pppoatam module

3) start pppd

In future snapshots I hope we will have a tool for taking care of this
but for now we will have to content with a HOWTO.  Is there anyone
to do it?  SpeedTouch support is simportant because in several countries
either we support SpeedTouch either user has to surf with Windows since
setting up a SppedTouch is VERY difficult.
		Jean Francois Martinez

The Independence project: because Linux should be for everyone