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Re: Koffice

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> Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 03:12:17 +0200 (CEST)
> From: Birger Langkjer <birger.langkjer@image.dk>
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> On 06-Jun-99 JF Martinez wrote:
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> > If they don't crash too much then it woul be good to include the Alpha
> > versions of Koffice.  For now all we have to show is Maxwell.
> Why not Siag Office? I know it is not perfect but I think it must a lot better
> than alfa-software? It's not so bad if used with Xaw3d 1.5 or Xaw95. Which
> Athena widgets does Independence use btw?
> Med venlig hilsen/Best regards
> Birger Langkjer
> http://members.xoom.com/langkjer

Indy allows automatic insrtion of Athena Widget substitutes and of the
resources needed to make them look good.  We ship NeXtaw (the nicest

Presently we have a decent spreadsheet with Gnumeric so the gretest
need is in a word processor (we only have Maxwell) and presentation
software (we have none).

Jean François