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Re: Should we make a www group?

From: Donovan Rebbechi
>perl ( no "a" ) is a language that's very useful for text processing. As
>such, it's commonly used for server-side scripts.
So Jean tells me, no "a", it is my eyes, good excuse.

>"Writing html" means that you can do it without WYSIWYG tools.
>You don't really need to know what it is (-; CSS actually makes it
>easier. Instead of needing <FONT> tags, you can just use <H1> , <H2>
>,... , <EM> , <STRONG> , ... and the stylesheet does the markup. You
>just need to link to the stylesheet in the header ( which you use the
>template for ... )

I thought about using it, then when all were wondering if Linux browsers
were going to be able to interpret it, I thought they would be unable to do
so. Am I wrong? Anyway, I ended up thinking it more of a frill than useful
for a plain old web site.

>I am guessing that you will probably learn something ... (-;
>My suggestion is that you start by getting linux and apache running.
>You really need a local webserver going . Apache is your best choice
>since that is what the site is using. Feel free to ask me any
>questions about getting apache running.

Thanks, I will as soon as I get a handle on what I am doing.

After installing RH 5.2 I have been tring to get drivers for my video card
using the new XFree86 RPMs, I'm busy making mistakes.

If you want to use a special font, you can put it on the server and refer to
it in HTML. Think I read that somewhere.

>-- Donovan

Yep, learning is a way of life, the bumps on my head are getting larger from
that wall I keep hitting.