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Re: html editing

|I forgot to mention:

   I forgot to mention a lot!  First, I left Peak, so my e-mail changed.
Also, Snow went away.  I moved the autodocs to
http://www.insync.net/~lee/AutoDocs/ and have had no time to work on them.
:-)  <Anyone hireing?>  But they are there.  Feel free to updtae the link,
and my e-mail.  I will fix the e-mail link in the autodocs soon. :-)

|using "WYSIWYG" tools to edit the content on the pages is out.

|You *can* use such tools to generate html ( say tables ) and then paste
|the appropriate code into an existing file ( but I'm not even very happy
|with this, because these tools often generate attrocious html code )

|But outright overwriting a html file with the output of one of these
|things is a bad idea. In particular, they tend to break URLs and edit the

   The autodocs were done with a base template from the website, and edited
with MS Front Page editor.  It actually breaks almost nothing.  Creates
pages badly, but edits them fairly well.  I would love to find an open
source tool as good, but as yet...