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Re: installing from ZIP100

> This is my first time posting to this list and needless to say I'm a
> newbie. It took me about 40 hrs. to download the whole indepence linux
> did'nt realize how big it was.
> I'm installing on a toshiba laptop 405cs with 775hd. Want to dual boot
> with win95. If I install from HD I only have about 250mb left. So I put
> it on ZIP disc. 

Unfortunately the install does not support multivolume installs (ie
all the packages yoiu downloaded must be on a single partition, CD or
whatever else).  And Indy does not fit on a single Zip.

> Now can someone show me how to install off of ZIP drive.
> Thanks for any help!

If your laptop has a CD reader the best is to pick a RedHat
5..2 from an old magazine and then use the contents of the
"differential" directory to upgrade it.

Or to put the contents in another computer and use the SMB install
(shared disks in Windows).

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses