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Re: Should we make a www group?

> > Another good idea, since I started using Linux, I also started using lynx
> > (my old 486 doesn't get on with X very well!), others may be in the same
> > situation.
> Not such a good idea. THe page should be half readable with lynx in the
> first place. This is nearly always possible. The only thing that breaks
> lynx is heavy table use and most of the tables ( besides the ones in
> /software ) are bad enough to look bad in lynx. 

I was just pointing out that the page should be lynx compatiable, if it already is, then I don't
think a text only site is needed.

> We mostly need html. perl also helps (it's a good language to write site
> maintenance scripts in ). Unless someone can think of a *really* good
> reason to use frames/java , we won't use them. 

I was considering starting to learn perl anyway.


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