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Re: ISP-ing

Hi Donovan,

Knew I'd draw you out of that book.

>you get into all kinds of problems when you try to define what
>"networking" is.
>Tell me which of the following are "networking" ...
>* ppp
>* DNS caching
>* caching news servers.
>* web caching servers
>* web servers
>one of the problems is that most of the things the user *doesn't* need are
>the inetd services. But removing these doesn't make the setup much easier
>> Let the user choose which distribution, network or single user.
>> Heresy?
>not heresy, just not very helpful for the user ( and yet another choice
>which they are forced to make. What does the person setting up a home
>network choose ? a workstation on an ethernet ... ? )

No work station, no network, a stupid PC able to connect to the Internet
through a ISP. Nothing for the user to choose, the distribution tells it
all, you have a PC that can be connected to the Internet and do the odd
other things you may want to use, woord processing, graphics and if you want
to play a game, by yourself, it will do that too.

Hey, I know I don't know anything about how to do it, just that somebody
maybe could.

I did get the Viper 550 working, after discovering glint, it seems that my
typing is very poor because I could not upgrade using the terminal or I did
not know how. Anyway, the XFree86 files were updated through glint.

Now, how the heck do I get bigger fonts so I can read them without pressing
my nose to the screen, I'm nearsighted. There probably is a how to on that
and I have not found it.

My ISP has given me a script for the chat script file, basically  what I was
using in windoze.