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(FWD) Re: Synopsis

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From: Santeri Kannisto <ss@zeus.sot.com>
Subject: Re: Synopsis
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Date: Mon, 12 Jun 100 05:23:29 +0300 (EEST)
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dumas patrice wrote:
> > Does parted allow the growing/shrinking of Linux or Windows partitions?
> Yes. And also it creates filesystems.
> <off-topic>
> I tried to put a dos partition at the end of all my linux partitions, in
> a disk where there is a windows partition too. Windows has still
> problems with that partition, but it is with parted (instead of dos/win
> or fdisk/mkdosfs) that there are less problems.
> </off-topic>
> Parted can be used in two ways, there is a C library that does all the
> stuff, and a "front-end" command line oriented, interactive or not.
> So it is possible to use the library (its API is documented) or the
> whole stuff in scripts.

But how about ntfs? Only one for that I have found is commercial.
Win2k uses ntfs.

For everything else parted seems to be perfect with proper GUI.

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