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Re: Can Indy be installed on top of Mandrake instead of RedHat?

> I have one question to ask:
> Can Indy be installed on top of Mandrake instead of RedHat?
> I am asking this since Mandrake is based on RedHat and it is compiled for 

I never tried.  They could be version conflict

> pentium CPU's instead of 386.

RedHat builds for 486 not 386 (but it works on 386 since with -m486
compiler uses only common instructions but uses combinations who are
more efficient on 486s)

Second unlesss that you have a _true_ Pentium (not Pentium MMX, P2, P3
or AMD) the most inefficient flag you could choose is precisely
-mpentium, worse than -m486 and, if memory doesn't fail me -m386
(benchmarked this).  This is logical since optimizing code for Pentium
is very unnatural (insertion of NOPs at the right place can do wonders
for speed, use of loops for moving strings is faster than specific
instruction to give just two examples) and these optimizations tend to
get in the way with more powerful processors.

Mandrake is presently using gcc-2.95 and this is a better compiler
than egcs-1.1.2 used by RedHat.  However I have stumbled upon a couple
cases where gcc-2.95 failed to compile and it is still not trusted
cases where gcc-2.95 failed to sompile and egcs succeeded however this
could be due to gcc being more strict.  But I have also heard it is
still not considered mature enough to be officially acccepted by the
kernel people so I prefer stay away from it.

Now as I said me "compiled for pentium" gives no speed increase on
anything else than a true pentium, gcc-2.95 does.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses