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Proposals for future snapshots

First of all I want to replace the redhat installer who is no longer state of 
the art wirth Mandrake's.

I also think Linuxconf must go away.   It has a module for about everything
but documentation is quite simply pathetic and that makes it not really 
useful unless you know the subject and in that case you don't need 
Linuxconf.  Iwant to replace it with Webmin and also see which of Mandrake 
config tools can be adapted to Indy

While scanning Indy packages I saw several who were related to clustering.
I think this is very hackeristic and outside Indy's domain so we could want 
to remove them.

-Package adminstration:  Indy needs a program able to  perform the transitive 
completion of a group of  RPMS (it resolves depndencies and automatically 
installs needed software),  hunt for orphan library packages (those who are 
required by no program)  and uninstall them, allow user to install and 
uninstall entire groups.  For example some users could be uninterested in 
programming and willing to uninstall all programing tools.   Be multi-CD 
capable (it asks you to change CD if neded package is in other CD).
I am unaware of any program able to do that so we will have to create one
(or hack sopme preexisting program)

-Educational programs:   We must have some teaching tools for maths or 
geometry.  We also need a program for forbidding access to porn sites.

-Coolness:  We need more sound related tools, convert to use of Alsa
drivers, to add Broadcast2000 and related tools (movie creation and viewing)
We also need color management

-Games:  Since NVIDia makes the fastest gaming cardsI would like to make 
installation of NVIdia drivers completely automatic (ie program will download 
driver, recompile the kernel part, edit the XF86Cionfigwith little or no 
human intervention.   We will also need games and some people for finding and 
testing them.

-Security:  Nessus is the  best scanner for network vulnrabilities.  We need 

-Office:  I would like OpenOffice in Indy but problem is building it: it 
takes 12hours on a PIII/500