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Re: Has anyone tried Open Office?

Last time I checked Open Office was around 10X the size of the 
initial Mozilla code release.  According to the techniques discredited 
in "The mythical man month" it would take a team 2X the size of the 
Mozilla team more than 10 years to produce a real complete office :).

Frankly, I see open office as a great teaching tool for those who write 
filters for Koffice and Goffice because they have open working MSOffice 
filters.  Apart from the Open Office is in and of itself useless.

Jean Francois Martinez wrote:
> I tried Open Office (briefly) and didn't like its abyssal slowness.  It takes
> more than thirty seconds between the moment you start it and the moment you
> get a splash screen 'that means user will think he didn't click properlyand
> will restart it.   Then splash screen disappears and it takes another thirty
> seconds or so until it opens window.  This was on a K6-2/450 and seemed a CPU
> not memory problem.   Once started it didn't seem particularly responsive.
> Has anyone had more positive experiences?    I fear OpenOffice derives into
> another mozilla: a developers project where little thought is given to making
> product half usable.
>                         JFM

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