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Re: Logos


I can upload the logo and adjust the header file to show the logo would 
that be fine?

At 11:15 ěě 7/6/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>The logo in main  page is not precisely beautiful since it was a quick hack
>on la "Liberté guidant le peuple" (showing the 1830 French Revolution).
>Someone beautified it and made a nice work but he also turned the flag into a
>french flag and that was precisely what I had censored.
>He also made a nice logo of a boy jumping but I lost it during an
>installation test.
>So could anyone either:
>1) Beautify the present logo
>2) Still have the boy logo somewhere and send me
>or 3) Design a new one?
>NextIndy will have to be copyright clean and thta means getting rid of all
>logos belonging to RedHat or Mandrake and of any texts pointing at them.
>I will have to replace the logos by Indy ones and I would like replacement
>logo being trhe definitive one.
>                         JFM